Part B – Experimental results: The F2 generation

Part B – Experimental results: The F<sub>2</sub> generation

Next, Morgan crossed the red-eyed F1 males with all the red-eyed F1 females to create an F2 generation. The Punnett square below programs Morgan’s cross for the F1 males because of the F1 females.

  • Drag labels that are pink the red objectives to point the alleles carried by the gametes (semen and egg).
  • Drag blue labels onto the blue goals to point the feasible genotypes associated with the ru brides offspring.

Labels may be used when, more often than once, or perhaps not at all.

Component C – Experimental prediction: Comparing autosomal and sex-linked inheritance

  • Case 1: Eye color displays sex-linked inheritance.
  • Situation 2: Eye color exhibits autosomal (non-sex-linked) inheritance. (Note: in this instance, assume that the red-eyed men are homozygous. )

In this guide, you will compare the inheritance patterns of unlinked and connected genes.

Part A – Independent variety of three genes

In a cross between those two flowers (MMDDPP x mmddpp), all offspring into the F1 generation are crazy kind and heterozygous for several three characteristics (MmDdPp). “Part B – Experimental results: The F2 generation” bővebben